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Pathhead Baptist

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength … They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

(Isaiah 40:29,31)

The History of Our Church … contd

The membership was now 130. It is recorded that the collection at the dedication service amounted to £132.5s.7d, at that time a substantial sum, and the building was declared practically free of debt.

The fellowship was clearly active and committed as was demonstrated by the fact that the women of the church undertook a scheme of visitation in the area which resulted in several conversions, thereby raising the membership to 140.

Over the following years, the church was to lose some of the original Diaconate. Firstly came the death of Mr. Frederick Wheeler followed later by Mr. Archibald Bowman, but the greatest loss was that of Mr. James Wishart.

As mentioned, Mr. James Wishart played an important role in establishing Pathhead Baptist Church. The memorial tablet at the church entrance is witness to the esteem in which he was held.

The Role of Whytescauseway Baptist Church. A history of Pathhead Baptist Church would not be complete without mentioning the significant contribution of our sister church in Whytescauseway.

By the time Pathhead came into being, Whytescauseway had been established for almost half a century. During that time and since Whytescausesway attracted many scholarly and godly men to its pulpit.

Through the ministry and influence of these men and through the commitment of notable deacons and church members, God’s Word had a very real impact on the community.

But it was during the longest vacancy (September 1898 to March 1900) that the first moves were made to extend the witness of the church into the Pathhead area.

Around this time the Fife and Clackmannan Baptist Association invited Whytescausesway to join them in the effort of forming a new church. However, they had already begun mission work in the Pathhead area under the leadership of Mr. Colin Chrystal, who later became Rev. Colin Chrystal. When he left to continue his studies at University the work was then taken over by the Rev. J. C. Wilson.

Whytescausesway were more than willing to take up this challenge and, in fact, helped to establish the new work within one year. They also backed this support by the transfer of twenty members to Pathhead, - this on 24th December 1899.

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