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Pathhead Baptist

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength … They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

(Isaiah 40:29,31)

The History of Our Church … contd

The changes in the Pathhead area population which were beginning at this time was also a factor, so that by the time the Rev. John Thomson, a student, arrived in 1965, the membership had fallen below 100 for the first time since 1905.

Mr. Thomson was a young energetic man who attracted many young people to the church but left in 1970 for Larkhall Baptist Church. Sadly, his ministry there was tragically cut short. He died suddenly after what appeared to be a minor accident. He left a young wife and family.

The man who would take Pathhead Baptist almost to the end of the century, Rev. William Turnbull, was also a student from the Baptist College. He took up full-time ministry later in life and preached at Pathhead until his retiral in May 1999.

So Pathhead was not just his only charge but his twenty-seven years was also the longest pastorate in the church’s one hundred-year history. Mr. Turnbull’s preaching bore the hallmark of thorough Bible study. His ministry was Bible-based and led over the years to a deepening of spiritual life within the ministry.

In the wider community he gained a reputation as someone to turn to in times of difficulty, His own, often troubled experience of life as a young man, enabled him to deal with those in need with understanding and compassion.

This part of his ministry led many into the fellowship at Pathhead. Mr. Turnbull and his wife May, who ably supported him during his pastorate, retired to Stenhousemuir in June 1999.

As the church’s first hundred years is achieved, a new chapter begins with the arrival of our new pastor, Dr. David Greenaway. An Irishman (from Ulster!) he was called to Pathhead with his wife, Pearl and his son Philip, from the Girvan and Maybole Churches.

When he left school, Dr. Greenaway went to London’s East End to take up Christian work among alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes and one-parent families. On coming back to Northern Ireland he joined the army and served for eight years.

Then, following a course of study in the European Bible Institute near Paris, he and his wife returned to Belfast so that he could pursue further theological studies. With their son, they moved to Scotland in 1987 to serve the Baptist Church in Glenburn (Paisley).

Dr. Greenaway came to Pathhead a month after the retiral of Mr. Turnbull and so accepted the responsibility of leading the church into a new Millennium.

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